Journal of Strategic Intelligence and International Relations


The CISRI is a center of independent research, meetings and debates on International Relations. It is designed as a mechanism of interaction between researchers, private operators, governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc. . Through rigorous analysis, it is aimed at processing data and also at supporting implementation of public policies. In the current context of the rapidly evolving modern societies, the CISRI offers itself as a window of opportunity to promote high-level studies to prepare the society while facing the challenges of the days ahead. As a "house of international politics and globalization," the CISRI is based on the premise that the human intellect is the part of God in man.

Knowledge is the first wealth of men and nations, as in man, who is the source of all wealth; the share of knowledge is what fulfills the wish of God to see man to continue the work of creation. In addition, the knowledge being not only the result of lone academic research, but especially the one of a rewarding intellectual dialogue between researchers and non-academicians experts, the knowledge sharing is an asset to the development of the human and the humanity. The CISRI intends to stimulate this dialogue through seminars, research programs, roundtables, discussions panels, lunch and dinner-debates, days of thinking, analysis of issues of international reach. Numerous areas will be involved: war, politics and the international economy, changes in international relations, regional studies and actors of international relations, diplomacy, economic development, environment, peace, security and defense, etc… The missions of CISRI go through a dialectical process of intellectualization and “operationalization” of issues of major interest in the world. These missions include the process of understanding, analysis, explanation, monitoring, help, expertise... The high level of the views CISRI is intending to furnish does not undermine its obligation to propose concrete suggestions. It therefore combines operational recommendations and sharpened reflections, public debates as well as thematic and sectoral studies. The CISRI presents itself as an interface between researchers, policy makers, economic operators and those of the civil society. The CISRI is an agora which brews ideas. Through the transversality of the views expressed, it seeks to extol the wealth of thought. To keep its scope as large as possible, in this ongoing globalization process, the CISRI prioritizes analysis with conflicting debates leading to the foresight and strategy for implementation. Master the future is the prospect of foresight. In doing so, we give a hope to the future. The CISRI is a niche of watch, arousal and analysis to the challenges of globalization. It is a think tank to increase the capacities of anticipation and expertise.

It will develop global strategies of crisis termination and problems resolution through a critical assessment of trends in the world. It intends to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and seeks to promote knowledge transfer.

Through analysis and forecasts, it wants to be a lab of sciences with international scope and understanding of how the world works. This is its dimension of foresight and strategy. It is also a breeding ground for applied research with a multidisciplinary team which combines theoretical reflection, policy making, studies, consultancy and praxis of practitioners. Its various areas will help in the understanding of trends of the evolution of the world. The CISRI will contribute to the renewal of problematic and methods of Strategic Studies and International Relations. It manages and makes available high-level researchers, documentation, archives, library to promote the strategic intelligence to face questioning in the world. It is managed by a Strategic Board with a twofold function:
-  Strategic: general orientation of research
-  Scientific: assess the nature and level of scientific analysis within the center and the contribution of external researchers.

Its studies focus on Africa and its place in the world. Therefore, the CISRI organizes research in areas such as:

  • The Afro-American area;
  • The Afro-European area;
  • The Afro-Asian area;
  • Africa;
  • The foreign policy of the DRC.

It publishes the results of all activities mentioned on top of a peer-review journal published on regular basis. Funding for these activities will come from various origins by seeking both private and public sources. Resources obtained from different sources should not undermine the independent nature, neutrality and objectivity of CISRI.

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